How to Deal With a Jealous Stepmother

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According to CNN, stepmothers may have one of the hardest jobs in the world. What may be harder is being the victim of a jealous stepmother. Whether consciously or inadvertently, "wicked" stepmothers may cause friction or build barriers between children and their fathers. Dealing with a jealous stepmother requires class and patience. Handled correctly, a damaged relationship between stepchild and stepmother can heal . Handled poorly, it can spin out of control.

Identify the reasons for the stepmother's behaviour. Ask yourself what her intentions are in acting with jealousy: Is she a person with little confidence, for instance, or is she trying to command admiration? Take a look at her own family history --- her childhood and upbringing. Doing so helps you see things from a compassionate perspective and may help understand her feelings and her behaviour.

Keep a cool head and remember that offensive behaviour is usually a result of projection. The stepmother may vary well project onto you flaws that she, herself possesses. Breathe and smile as often as possible --- in a respectful manner, of course --- and don't take accusations personally. The more you can keep a cool head, the less her jealousy will affect you; and, hopefully, the less she will use it as a weapon.

Find attributes you both have in common and use these to build a connection. Focus positively on things you both admire --- fashion or community service, for example .. Concentrate on things that bring you closer together.

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