How Do I Get My Hamster to Drink Water?

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If you have a hamster that is not drinking water, it is probably a pretty scary experience. Nobody wants to be responsible for the death of a pet due to lack of hydration. Drinking water is a natural process for animals, and most hamsters will drink when they are thirsty enough. There are steps you can take if you are feeling uneasy about your hamster drinking the water that you have provided for it.

Place a water-filled, gravity-fed water bottle with a nipple in your hamster's cage. Use human quality drinking water in the bottle. Give the hamster some time to begin drinking out of it.

Check the water bottle to make sure that it is functioning properly if your hamster has not been drinking out of it after a few hours. Make sure that the ball-bearing is turning smoothly and that water is able to easily flow out of it. If there is a problem with the bottle, return it to the store or replace it with a new bottle.

Place a water dish in the hamster's cage if the hamster is not drinking out of the working water bottle after a day. Use a small, heavy dish that the hamster can easily access but will not tip over. Fill it with human quality drinking water.

Add a drink that contains electrolytes, such as children's drinks, to the hamster's water dish if the hamster is not drinking out of it after another day. Use half children's drink and half water. If the hamster continues not to drink the water mixture after a few hours, call your vet and make an appointment, as the hamster might be sick.

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