How to Draw a Toothpaste Tube

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Sometimes drawing familiar objects, such as toothpaste tubes, is more challenging than drawing unfamiliar ones. Because you are used to seeing such items on a regular basis, you have a more thorough understanding of how they are truly supposed to look, making them more difficult to portray.

With a bit of practice, you can look at a toothpaste tube with a fresh eye and draw its likeness.

Lay your toothpaste tube in front of you and move it into a position that you would like to draw. Place your paper onto an easel or the surface of the table, close to the toothpaste tube.

Draw the outline of the toothpaste tube. This typically looks like a rectangle that is narrow at the front and becomes slightly larger toward the end.

Draw the opening of the toothpaste tube by drawing a triangular shape that extends from the front of the rectangle drawn in step 2. Use the toothpaste tube placed in front of you for reference to determine how large to make this triangle.

Finish the opening of the toothpaste tube. Erase the point of the triangle drawn in step 3, and draw a square that rests on the end of the erased section of triangle. This square shape makes the tip of the nozzle of the toothpaste tube.

Write any logos or other symbols you would like to use onto your toothpaste tube. Observe the tube of toothpaste sitting in front of you and take note of any other details that you would like to include in your drawing, such as any textural elements of the cap or wrinkles and bumps in the tube itself.

Observe the toothpaste tube in front of you, and take note of the shadows underneath the tube, as well as any shadows that the tube casts onto the table. Draw these shadows onto your paper by lightly sketching them in with your pencil.