How to knit a sweater for a dachshund

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Dog sweaters are not only cute; they make sense on cold days. Dogs expect to be walked in all climates and may appreciate the extra layering that sweaters provide. Knitting a sweater for your Dachshund is not difficult with the right measurements, tools and time.

Take measurements. Measure from the base of the dog's neck to the top of the hind legs; record the measurement.

Measure the circumference of the front of the dog's body and his hind legs. Record the measurement.

Measure the circumference of the dog's neck and front legs. These measurements are for the neck and head sweater holes.

Prewash wool or yarn per fabric instructions.

Knit at least four rows of knit. Use the stockinet stitch from the length of the throat to the leg holes.

Knit leg holes according to recorded measurements. Make sure both leg openings are the same size and match. Use as many stitches that are necessary to cover the front of the dog.

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Repeat the stockinet stitch and continue knitting the back side of the sweater. The length of the back of the sweater should match the previously recorded hind measurement.

Put pieces together using a yarn needle. At this point, you should have the top piece with the leg holes, neck and bottom piece.

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