How do I log into rocketmail?

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Rocketmail was a trademarked brand name for a web-based e-mail service operated by the Four11 corporation. The service, among the first free e-mail programs on the Internet, went live in 1996. In 1997, the assets of Four11 were acquired by the Yahoo! corporation of Sunnyvale California. The Rocketmail platform would later serve as the basis for Yahoo!'s Ymail service. In June of 2008, the Rocketmail brand was relaunched. Users are once again able to use the e-mail address.

Navigate to the website and click the link for e-mail. If you are accessing and have a Yahoo login you can simply enter your regular login. All Yahoo branded accounts are then accessible.

Log on to the website and click the mail tab. If you are using pre-2008 Rocketmail account, you should have a e-mail address issued by to replace your Rocketmail e-mail address. You can log in using your complete e-mail address as the login. Your address is still the old Rocketmail account with the address.

Log on the website and click the mail tab. If you have established a post-2008 Rocketmail account, log in using the complete Rocketmail e-mail address as the log in.

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