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How to Find an ECCN Number

Updated March 23, 2017

Export Control Classification Number is the alphanumeric code used for classification purposes. The ECCN is used in the "Commerce Control List" for identification for controlling exported items. All ECCN numbers have five characters, e.g. 3A532. In addition, each ECCN number has a category. The first number identifies the category, for example, 4 = computers. You have three ways to find an ECCN number; however, reviewing the "Commerce Control List" to classify your product saves you time of asking manufacturers and filling out request forms.

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  1. Review the "Commerce Control List" alphabetical index. This list is located in the "Resources" section. The alphabetical index gives an ECCN number for every item on the index.

  2. Look for the category for your item on the CCL. You will see a description for each product and its ECCN number.

  3. Write down your ECCN number after you find your item on the "Commerce Control List" index.

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