How to complain to Burger King

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Burger King Corporation is a fast food restaurant chain which opened its doors in 1954, specialising in flame-grilled burgers known as Whoppers. The company became famous for their marketing of those burgers to customers through the "Have It Your Way" advertising campaign.

Continuing this customer satisfaction pursuit, Burger King makes it easy for customers to contact them directly by phone, email, through a written letter, or in person at any restaurant location.

Gather evidence

Gather supporting information or evidence concerning the specific complaint before contacting Burger King management.

Make a copy of the original receipt from the visit to reference for any requested information, such as the individual restaurant number, cashier identification or time of visit.

Refrain from throwing away any unsatisfactory food product until the complaint is properly lodged, whether the consumer experience was during a dine-in or takeaway visit. This product may be requested by local management to be brought back for complaint pursuit.

Complain in person

Return to the Burger King restaurant location where the specific complaint originated.

Ask to speak directly with the branch manager. It is the manager's job to hear the complaint and rectify it within his own specific restaurant.

Bring another adult along when going to the Burger King restaurant to register the complaint. This provides another who can later verify what was said, if necessary, during further complaint pursuits.

Complain by letter

Write a letter to Burger King outlining your complaint. Include identifying information within the letter, such as the restaurant identification number and date of the incident; provide details about the specific incident, explaining your complaint and how you would like it to be resolved. Send a copy of the receipt, not the original, if available.

Search to find the restaurant identification number through the branch finder feature on the Burger King corporation website. Seal the original written or typed letter into an envelope, and apply proper postage.

Post the complaint to: Burger King Customer Relations, PO Box 1975, Liverpool L69 3HH.

Complain on the phone

Call the Burger King customer relations department on 0800 169 0438.

Write down the identifying information of the customer relations adviser, such as her name or employee number which is offered at the beginning of the call. Take note of what is said and what solution is offered and make a record of it by writing down the information for personal verification.

If you are not satisfied with the person's response ask to speak with his supervisor.