How to remove peers from utorrent

Removing peers from uTorrent can be helpful when someone keeps sending you corrupt data, or you just don't want to transfer files with that user for whatever reason. Utorrent is a BitTorrent client, used to download and share files online. The only way to remove peers in uTorrent is to copy their IP addresses into a specific data file that uTorrent uses to block IP addresses.

Open your uTorrent client and select "Preferences" from the Options menu.

Click the "Advanced" tab on the left side. Scroll down until you see "ipfilter.enable," set its value to "True." This lets you create a text file where you can specify IP addresses you want to block. Click "OK" to close the Preferences page.

Click an active torrent. Click the "Peers" tab. Right-click in the "Peers" window and un-check "Resolve IPs." This lets you see each peer's full IP address in the "Peers" window. Note the IP address of any peers you want to remove.

Open Windows notepad from the Start menu.

Type a list of the IPs you want to remove in the format "". Only type one IP on each line. An example of an IP address is "123.456.789.012". You can also block IP ranges with the format " - yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy".

Save the file in your "%AppData%\uTorrent" folder with the name "ipfilter.dat". The uTorrent folder is usually located at "C:\Documents and Settings\MY_NAME\ApplicationData\uTorrent" -- where "MY_NAME" is the user name of your system account.

Switch back to uTorrent. Click an active torrent. Click the "Peers" tab for the torrent. "Right-click" in the "Peers" window and click "Reload IPFilter." This reloads your updated "ipfilter.dat" file and automatically blocks any IP addresses found in it. Or, you can restart uTorrent to automatically reload your updated "ipfilter.dat" file.

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