How to make your own tattoo designs online

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Whether you are looking to get a tattoo of your own or you are simply interested in the art of tattooing, many tattoo websites and services feature free generators for previewing and customising your own tattoo art directly online. With an online tattoo generator, get a computerised preview of what your next tattoo potentially looks like, or find inspiration from a variety of online tattoo galleries.

Open your computer's Internet browser.

Perform a keyword search by using "Tattoo generator" to find a tattoo-generating website. Choose from the various features, styles and designs that each online tattoo generator offers.

Check each tattoo generator before selecting one to create your design. Once you choose the tattoo generator you would like to use, visit the home page to begin loading the generator itself.

Allow the generator to completely load and begin your new design by following the on-screen instructions. Add various text with different fonts to your tattoo, if you wish to do so. Browse the categories of available designs to place on-screen to create and build your own customised designs.

Save the tattoo design when you are finished, if the web application allows you to do so. Some tattoo generators also allow users to print their tattoo design or send the design image to an e-mail address for printing and safekeeping.

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