How to Invert an Image With Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an image editing software that lets you enhance or apply effects to photos for creative purposes. It is less expensive than the Adobe Photoshop application and has more of the basic functions like cropping and resizing. However, you can still apply some fancy effects like image inverting from the filter menu. Use the invert filter to invert all of the colours of an image. This is also necessary in turning negative scanned monochrome images into positive images for viewing.

Launch Adobe Photoshop Elements from the desktop or Start menu. Drag the image file that you wish to invert to the Adobe Photoshop Elements window or workspace.

Click the "Edit" tab on the right side panel and select a layer that will receive the invert effect.

Bring up the "Filter" menu from the menu bar and go to "Adjustments." Click the "Invert" item to apply the invert on the image or area.

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