How to feed fledgling pigeons

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If you find a baby pigeon that has been abandoned by its mother, consider taking it in and raising it. Without its mother, the fledgling pigeon will die because it cannot feed itself. If you decide to take on the responsibility of raising this pigeon, you will have to hand feed it. Keep in mind, raising the pigeon will take a great deal of time. Also, some people raise pigeons as a hobby.

Buy baby bird formula and feeding syringe from your local pet shop. Keep in mind that a feeding syringe has no needle on it.

Follow the mixing instructions for the specific formula you buy. Mix it with warm water. Tap water is fine. Make sure the water is not too hot.

Fill the syringe with the prepared formula. The formula should be thin enough that you can push it through the syringe.

Push gently on the sides of the beak to open it because baby pigeons do not open their mouths to be fed like other birds do. Put the very tip of the syringe in the bird's mouth and slowly inject the formula into his mouth.

Repeat this process five times per day. Each feeding session will take about 30 minutes. You do not need to feed the baby pigeon during the night.

Keep feeding the pigeon until it is able to pick at bird seed on its own. Canary seed is suitable for pigeons. Continue to feed with a syringe for a full week after it starts to pick at the seed.

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