How to replace a caster with a regular foot

Casters are no longer just on office chairs. Many people have casters on standard furniture, tables and shelving. Although they do provide mobility, sometimes it is necessary to remove the casters and install feet on a piece of furniture. Replacement feet are available at home improvement centres. The feet have stems just like casters. To replace the caster with a regular foot, use a replacement with the same diameter stem as the caster.

Turn the furniture over so that the casters are pointing toward you. Examine the caster stem where it enters the leg. Some casters thread into a sleeve and have a hex-head-moulded nut.

Rotate the caster stem counterclockwise with a wrench, if your casters screw into the furniture. Grasp the caster with your hand and pull it straight out, if the caster simply snaps into place. If necessary, hold the bottom of the furniture with your free hand for added leverage.

Take one of the casters to the store to purchase replacement feet. Match the caster stems up so that you buy the correct diameter for your furniture.

Push the stem of the replacement feet into the hole in the bottom of the furniture. The small ring on the caster stem should sit flush against the furniture when it is fully inserted.

Thread the new replacement foot into the furniture if it uses a threaded sleeve. Once the caster stem is hand tight, turn it another half-turn with a wrench.

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