How to Address a Letter to a Military Officer

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While writing letters is something that is done less often than writing a quick e-mail or even a text message, knowing how to properly address a formal letter is still important. When you write a letter to a friend or relative, it typically doesn't make much of a difference if you properly address the person to whom you are writing. However, when you write a letter to a military officer or other official, it is important that you address the recipient of your letter correctly.

Address your letter to a military officer using the officer's full rank and title. To address a letter to a military officer, your letter should follow this example format: Major General John Doe, U.S. Army

Write the correct form of address on the envelope of your letter to a military officer. In the centre of the front of the envelope you must include the title and name of the officer and the address of the officer. For example:

Major General John Doe, U.S. Army

John Doe's Address

John Doe's City, State and Zip

Place your return address in the upper left corner of the envelope and a stamp in the upper right corner of the envelope. Mail your letter by dropping it in any postal box or by placing it in your own personal mailbox and raising the flag to alert your mail carrier you want him to collect the contents of your mailbox to mail.

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