How to Recover the Toolbar in Internet Explorer

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Internet Explorer is a popular Web browser that is included in all Windows platforms and provides users with a variety of toolbars, including the Menu, Favorites, Command and Status bars. If you recently upgraded your version of Internet Explorer, you may notice that certain toolbars are not visible.

For example, you may be missing the Menu bar which allows you to print web pages, delete your browsing history and configure your Internet options. Though not being able to access your toolbars can be frustrating, you can restore a missing toolbar in a few easy steps.

Open Internet Explorer.

Right-click an open space next to the "New Tab" button, which is located at the top of the browser.

Click the "Menu bar" option if you are missing the Menu bar. After selecting Menu bar, you will notice the "File," Edit" and "Tools" tabs appear at the top of your browser. Internet Explorer will save your new toolbar setting, and the Menu bar will appear each time you open your web browser. If you want to restore additional toolbars, such as the Favorites bar, Command bar or Status bar, repeat Step two and Step three.