How to clean up after a small kitchen fire

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Small fires occur in kitchens due to distractions while cooking, a flare-up of grease or a faulty appliance. This leaves soot, a foul odour and unsightly residue on the surfaces of your kitchen countertop, ceilings, walls and floor. Cleaning the area properly helps remove the odour, stains and debris from the fire.

A fire restoration company is often necessary after a large fire, but homeowners can clean up after a small fire quickly by using the right products.

Open all the windows and doors to ventilate the kitchen. This helps remove smoke odour and the fumes. Set an exhaust fan near or in your window frame, if you have one. Position the fan so that it sucks out the air in the kitchen and blows it outside.

Mix a solution of 6 tbsp of trisodium phosphate, 1 cup of chlorine bleach and 1 gallon of warm water. Tri-sodium phosphate is a caustic yet effective cleaner, therefore wear rubber gloves while using the solution.

Scrub the walls, furniture and floors with a sponge dipped into the solution and wrung out well.

Rinse the areas well with clear water and dry the surfaces with a soft towel.

Wash the pots, pans and flatware with a mild, liquid dishwashing detergent and a dishcloth.

Rinse the pots, pans and flatware well with clear water.

Scrub the kitchen cookware or flatware with a fine-powder cleanser. Another effective method is to saturate a dishcloth with vinegar. Wring the dishcloth well and sprinkle regular table salt on it. Use the dishcloth to scrub any residue or stains that result from the fire.

Rinse all the items well and dry with a dish towel.