How to Ship Chocolate Without Melting

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Many people ship chocolate from one part of the country to another, but it takes great care to make sure the chocolate does not melt on the way. Whether you own a chocolate business that offers shipping, or are simply purchasing chocolate to send to a relative or friend in another location, it is important that the chocolate is protected so it stays in its original form and does not arrive as a gooey mess.

Refrigerate the chocolate before shipping. Getting the chocolate cold allows it to stay cooler for longer during shipment. Chocolate stays solid at room temperature, but some shipping conditions are warmer than that, so it is important that your chocolate is chilled to begin with. (See reference 1)

Wrap the chocolate in parchment paper, and then tin foil. This combination helps protect the chocolate by keeping it insulated. It is also important to give the chocolate a wrapper so that it does not come into direct contact with the cold source you must apply.

Prepare a cold pack by freezing it first. A cold pack, also known as an ice pack, will lay beside the chocolate in the shipping box to keep the environment inside the box cool and above room temperature.

Put the chocolate and ice pack into a sturdy box. Make sure the box is large enough to fit the items inside with additional room leftover in case the package is mishandled during shipment - you do not want broken chocolate pieces.

Tape up the box with packing tape, and write the recipient's name and address in the centre with a permanent marker. Include your return address in the top left corner of the box. In addition, write "Keep refrigerated" onto the box so that the recipient knows to put the contents into the fridge upon delivery.

Ship the package overnight if you can, and take into consideration the climate conditions of the destination. If you are shipping the chocolate to someplace with warm temperatures, such as Arizona, Nevada and Texas, you should definitely select an overnight shipping method. If the package is being shipped during cool seasons or to a cold destination, you do not need to use the same urgency.

Send the package out at the beginning of the week. If you wait until the end of the week to ship the chocolate, the package may have to sit and wait over the weekend to be delivered on Monday. This increases the risk of the chocolate melting.

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