How to Seal a Leaky Plastic Pipe

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Plastic pipe is used in both commercial and residential plumbing applications. From home plumbing to large scale irrigation, plastic pipe is installed to move water from the source throughout a home or installation.

Holes caused by damage or normal use must be repaired to prevent water from being wasted and potential damage to the surrounding area. Instead of replacing the pipe, consider an patch designed for long term repair.

Locate the water control for the section of plastic pipe with the leak.

Turn off the water before starting to work.

Fill a container with cool water.

Place the pipe wrap in the water for at least 30 seconds.

Rough the surface of the plastic pipe around the leak with a coarse file.

Wear rubber gloves to protect hands and remove the saturated pipe wrap from the water.

Wrap the pipe with the pipe wrap.

Start below the leak and wrap up, over and beyond the leak. Massage the wrap with your hands in the direction in which it was wrapped. Continue massaging the wrap until it sets and hardens.