How to Remove OpSite

After treating your wound, your doctor may recommend a certain type of dressing to help prevent an infection. There are many brands available, such as the OpSite Post-Op Visible from Smith & Nephew. The bandage's pad is see-through, allowing you to monitor the wound without removing the dressing every time. If drainage from the wound covers about 1/3 or more of the pad, it's time to remove the OpSite bandage and replace it. Otherwise, follow your doctor's instructions regarding how often to change the dressing.

Grasp one corner of the dressing with your thumb and forefinger and lift it up slightly.

Pull the corner slightly away from the pad to loosen it.

Release the corner of the dressing.

Repeat this procedure with the other three corners of the dressing.

Lift up the entire dressing when all corners are loosened and discard it.

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