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How to Add Exceptions to the Firewall in Norton Security

Updated February 21, 2017

Norton Internet Security is a security software suite specifically designed to protect your computer from online security problems. Norton Internet Security includes a firewall that prevents programs from connecting to your Internet connection unless you have a specific exception in place for the software. This prevents Trojans, viruses and other malware from establishing a connection to transfer sensitive data, download more malicious files and other problems.

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  1. Click "Norton Internet Security" in the main menu of the Norton Internet Security software.

  2. Choose "Settings."

  3. Select "Personal Firewall."

  4. Choose the "Configure" button. Click "Personal Firewall."

  5. Choose "Program Control" to get to the options menu to select the programs that can go through the Norton firewall. Select your program from the list provided.

  6. Click "Allow" and "OK." This program can now access the Internet through the firewall.

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