How to Decorate a Cake With Bananas

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A banana is more than a nutritious snack; it is a delicious, versatile ingredient for a cake, both as a filling and a topping. Bananas complement the flavour of many other sweet tastes, including chocolate, caramel, yoghurt, walnut, strawberry and passion fruit.

You can decorate a cake with bananas for a flavourful and eye-catching dessert.

Peel a banana and slice it into rounds with a sharp knife. The slices can be as thin or thick as you want.

Use a pastry brush to apply lemon juice on one side of each banana slice. This will prevent the slices from turning brown.

Place the slices neatly around the outer edge of your cake, with the lemon juice side up.

Slice more banana rounds if you want to cover your entire cake, creating a smaller circle inside the first outer circle and so on until you reach the centre of the cake, where you should place one single slice.

Peel a banana and cut it widthways into two halves. Lay one banana half on a cutting board, cut side down, and use a sharp knife to thinly slice it lengthways. Do the same with the other half. Place the slices on the top of the cake with the point of each slice meeting in the very centre of the cake; the effect should be that of flower petals.

Scatter a generous helping of chocolate chips, jimmies or sprinkles over your banana slices to complete your cake decoration.