How to Make a Potpourri Refresher Spray

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Refresh your potpourri to avoid wasting and replacing it. Create a spray made with essential oils in the same scent as your potpourri. Place a bowl of potpourri near bathrooms, garbage and pet areas to reduce unpleasant odours.

Use all natural ingredients to make the spray and keep your home smelling fresh without adding harmful chemicals to the air. Use the spray many times to refresh old potpourri that has lost its scent. The spray also doubles as an air and linen freshener.

Pour 1 cup of witch hazel into a measuring cup. Witch hazel dilutes the oils so they spray well without clogging the spray bottle nozzle.

Pour the cup of witch hazel into a spray bottle using a funnel.

Add 10 drops of essential oil to the spray bottle. Use one essential oil scent to refresh your potpourri, or combine essential oils to make a blend.

Add the cap to the spray bottle and shake the mixture well.

Pour your old potpourri into a paper bag, and spray the potpourri pieces with the refresher spray. Lightly shake the bag to move the pieces around and respray to cover all sides of the pieces. Allow the potpourri to dry for at least one hour.

Pour your potpourri in a bowl and place on a table to freshen the air in your room.

Place a label on the spray bottle and write the name, scent and contents of the mixture.