How to Write a Thank-You Letter to a Doctor

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Thank-you letters are appropriate acknowledgement whenever extraordinary service is received, in addition to the more common practice of writing thank-you letters in appreciation for a job interview or after receiving a gift. A writing instrument and paper are the only tools required when writing a thank-you letter to a doctor. Always follow proper protocol when addressing the physician. Keep the letter short and direct. While the first thank-you letters were hand delivered, modern advances provide additional delivery options.

Write your full mailing address in the upper left corner of a piece of paper using blue or black ink. Leave a space. Write the date underneath the address. Spell out the month. Formal thank-you letters are typically written on white A5 sized paper, that measures 8.27 by 5.23 inches. If this is not accessible, use standard 8.5-by-11-inch paper.

Check the correct spelling of the physician's last name. Write "Dr. __," underneath the date on the upper left hand side of the paper. Leave a space between the date and the greeting.

Begin writing the letter. Leave a space between the greeting and first sentence. Immediately state your appreciation as the letter's purpose.

Compliment the physician. In a separate sentence, write about the doctor's bedside manner or technique. Let them know what pleased you. Tell them how their procedure helped you.

Express final praise and confidence. Tell them you will recommend their service to friends and family. Reiterate the joy and happiness they have brought into your life. Recommend the physician contact you if they feel overwhelmed, discouraged or downtrodden.

Place the letter inside a matching envelope. Address the letter to "Dr. __". Bring the correspondence directly to the office or hospital where the physician works or place the letter in a mailbox. Use correct postage on the envelope if mailing the letter. When dropping off the letter at a hospital or office, leave the letter with a front desk attendant to ensure the doctor receives it.

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