How to Merge Two Google Maps

If you've got too many different locations filling up your Google Maps, you can combine them to create one consolidated set of directions. Google Maps does not have a built-in function for combining two maps, but its Import feature is the next best thing. By performing a small edit to the live link for the Google Earth version of the map, you can import one map's data into another map. This may sound complicated, but even a beginner can handle it.

Open "My Maps." Identify the maps you wish to merge. These shall be referred to as "Map 1" and "Map 2."

Open Map 1. Right-click the "View in Google Earth" link directly above the map. A drop-down menu of options appears. Click "Copy Link Location."

Click "My Maps." Open Map 2. Click the "Import" link (directly below the blue "My Maps" menu). Paste the link location from Step 2 into the Enter the URL of Map Data field. Find the section of the URL that reads "output=nl." Change this to "output=kml." Do not include the punctuation and quotation marks.

Click the "Upload from URL" button. A dialogue window appears that reads "Uploading File." Do not close your browser or your Google Maps tab until the upload is complete. This process may take a few minutes. When the dialogue closes, Map 1 has been imported into Map 2.

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