How to stop itching when when wearing a plaster cast

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Plaster casts can be uncomfortable, especially when your skin starts to itch underneath the cast. You may be tempted to poke something sharp down your cast, such as a coat hanger or pencil, to relieve your itch. However, this can create a skin infection, especially if part of the object becomes trapped in the cast. Don't let an itch underneath your plaster cast frustrate you. Other strategies can reduce your itching without damaging your cast or your skin.

Place an ice pack on the area that itches. If you use a homemade ice pack, make sure it's leakproof, because water will damage your cast.

Use a hair dryer to blow cool air into your cast. Don't blow warm air, which may aggravate itching. In addition, don't use a hair dryer while your plaster cast is still drying, because it may damage the cast.

Tap gently on top of the area that itches.

Contact your doctor if itching does not go away. She will prescribe medication to reduce itching.

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