How to Check Battery Health in Vista

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Microsoft released the Windows Vista update to its Windows operating system in 2007. Among other things, the operating system lets you check the status of your computer's components, including the amount of space left on its hard drive, amount of RAM being used at any given time and, if you have a laptop computer, the health of the computer's battery in a few simple steps.

Locate the battery icon in the notification area to the far right of the Windows task bar. If the battery icon is not visible, right-click the task bar and select the "Properties" option from the context menu, click the "Notification Area" tab and place a checkmark next to the "Power" option.

Look at the battery icon to determine its "at a glance" health. if the icon is green, the battery is at least 25 per cent charged, if the icon has a yellow triangle above it with an exclamation mark, the battery is less than 25 per cent charged and if the icon has a red "X" above it, the battery's charge is very low.

Move your mouse cursor over the battery icon to view the battery's detailed health, including its charge percentage, time left before the battery dies and needs to be recharged and type of power plan the computer is currently using.

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