How to Put on a Communion Veil

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First communion is one of the most sacred moments in a Roman Catholic's life, during which a child receives the sacrament of the Eucharist or the body and blood of Jesus Christ for the time. Children often receive their first communion between the ages of 7 and 9. The solemn ceremony is very special for the child, as tradition often requires girls to wear a white dress and boys a dress suit. Although the communion veil is optional, your little girl might want to wear one, making the occasion even more special. When choosing the veil for your little girl, you must take into consideration the length, the style, and how she will wear her hair. Thus, it is important to properly put on the communion veil.

Style your little girl's hair. She can wear her hair down or up. This determines whether she will be wearing her veil on the top or back of the head.

Hold the communion veil's comb upside down with the curved-in side facing upward. Assemble the two veil's layers and pull them backward with the shorter layer on top. Communion veils come in different lengths, such as 36 inches for a veil that reaches the waist, or 45 inches for one that goes down to the hips, depending on your child's height. So make sure you measure from the top or back of the head down to the length you are both comfortable with before purchasing the veil.

Turn the veil's comb around, with the curved-in side now facing downward.

Insert the comb into the hair. Adjust the fit depending on how your little girl is wearing her hair. For instance, if she is wearing her hair down, use the comb to make small circular motions before inserting it into the hair and preventing the veil from sliding through the hair. Also, when wearing a tiara, place the veil at the top of the head with no space between the two. For an up-do, place the veil behind the bun in the back of your little girl's head. Note that you can add a flower wreath around the up-do, which will allow you to remove the veil after the first communion Mass.

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