How to tell a male gray squirrel from a female squirrel

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Sometimes called the "Eastern grey squirrel," Sciurus carolinensis is one of the most common tree squirrels throughout its natural range. Unlike some other tree squirrels, grey squirrels are active year-round and may have many nests throughout different times of the year. They, like many other rodent species, are not sexually dimorphic; males and females share the same characteristics in both colour and size. Besides the common grey colour, which is actually a mix of brown, grey, red and black fur tipped with white, there are also albino and black versions.

Bait the live trap with either rolled oats or a mixture of rolled oats, black oil sunflower seeds and peanut butter. Once you've trapped a squirrel, proceed with caution.

Put on thick leather gloves, and place the bag over the trap's opening, holding it with one hand.

Blow on the trap, or tap the other end of it to get the squirrel into the bag.

Hold the squirrel by the scruff of the neck inside the bag, then gently peel the bag back so you can get a good grip.

Look at the location of the genital papilla. The papilla is the clitoris or penis of the animal. Females' papilla is very close to the anus; males' papilla is located further up the abdomen, around the position where the back legs begin on the body.

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