How to Use Fusible Webbing

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Fusible webbing is a material used to fuse two pieces of fabric together permanently. It is a common method of attaching appliqués to fabric and is popular amongst quilters. Fusible webbing is also useful in other situations. It can be a quick method of fixing a loose hem, for instance. Fusible webbing is available in various widths in the needlecraft section of many department stores.

Wash the fabric that you will be working with so any excess ink on the fabric will not bleed through your work and interfere with the process of attaching the webbing. Dry the fabric so if it shrinks that will happen now and not after it is appliqued.

Cut a piece of the fusible webbing to the shape you require for your design. For instance, if you are fusing a fabric cutout of a bird to the larger piece of fabric, place the cutout on the webbing and trace around it. Cut the shape out of the webbing.

Lay the working section of the dried fabric on the ironing board with right side up. Place the cut fusible webbing on the fabric where you need it. Hold the iron, with steam function on, just above the webbing for a few seconds. This melts the webbing a little to keep it in place. Press the edges of the webbing down with your fingers.

Place the applique on top of the webbing and ensure that the edges are aligned. Press the tip of the iron to the centre of the fabric to anchor it to the webbing.

Cover the applique with a press cloth or a light towel. Place the iron on top of the cloth or towel for a few seconds to fuse the pieces together. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

Remove the iron and press cloth. The design is now fused to the larger piece of fabric. Stitch around the edges of the applique to make the attachment permanent.

Use fusible webbing to fix a hem. Cut a strip of webbing long enough to fit the loose area. Turn the outfit inside out and place it on the ironing board. Put the strip of fusible webbing between the two sections of the loose hem. Press the two sections together with the iron according to the manufacturer's directions.

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