How to fold a cub scout scarf

andreusK/iStock/Getty Images

There are many pieces to a Cub Scout uniform, and each holds its own importance. The scarf, or "necker," though, is not just decorative. It also can serve as a way to keep the sun off a Scout's neck in the summer or to keep it warm in the winter. Cub Scout scarves should only be worn with the official uniform, never with T-shirts or regular street clothes. All members of the same Cub Scout troop should have the same scarf and woggle.

Lay the scarf on a flat surface with the point of the triangle toward you.

Fold the long end of the triangle down several times to within about 15 cm (6 inches) of the point. Folding, instead of rolling, helps keep the neckerchief from bunching.

Place the point on your neck, centred on your back. Bring the folded ends around to the front, meeting in the middle. Your troop can decide whether the scarf will be worn over or under the shirt collar.

Secure the ends with the woggle. Draw the woggle up until it fits snugly. Your troop will decide whether the ends can be left hanging loosely or whether they should be tied in a knot.

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