How to format a two-page business letter

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Formatting two-page business letters is a straightforward task, although you should check the appropriate house style if you are composing the letter on behalf of your employer. Different companies use different formatting methods. Your main objective is to ensure that the reader of the letter is aware that it continues on to a separate page and that the second page is referenced in a comprehensive fashion.

Format your letter in the usual way, using your standard references and style.

Type your complete letter, including a complimentary close, on your computer.

View your document, and decide the most appropriate place to insert a page break. Ideally, you want to insert the page break at the end of a paragraph. If this is not possible, then ensure that at least two lines of text will continue onto the second page from the final paragraph on page one.

Under the "Insert" heading of your word processor's menu, select "Break" or "Page Break." Insert the page break in the relevant position you've chosen.

Scroll back to page one of your letter, and insert two returns at the foot (bottom) of the page. Type the word "continued" in the following format, including the dots spaced as shown, at the bottom of the page: "Cont'd . . . " This indicates to the reader that the letter runs on to a second page.

Type the recipient's name and date at the top of the second page and insert two returns. Add the letter reference (in re:) from page one. Insert two returns.

Type "Page 2" and insert two more returns.

View your document in page view to ensure that the letter fits neatly in the two-page format.

Print the letter as usual, and arrange for it to be signed and delivered.

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