How do I Get an Empty Cartridge Out of an Epson Printer?

Just like those used in any other inkjet printer, Epson ink cartridges run dry. So from time to time, you must replace the empty cartridges. Modern Epson inkjet printers use multiple coloured cartridges in addition to a black colour cartridge. In most cases, the printer will not operate if even a single cartridge is out of ink. Replacing an Epson ink cartridge is not too difficult. Before you can install the new cartridge, though, you must first carefully remove the empty one.

Power on the Epson printer. Ensure the power light is on but not flashing.

Remove the paper tray from the printer and set it aside. Open the printer cover on the top or front side of the unit to expose the ink tray and print head. On regular inkjet printers, the cover is on the top of the printer and just in front of the output tray. For Epson all-in-one printers, release the latch on the left side of the unit to open the scanner and expose the print cartridges.

Press the "Ink" button on the face of the Epson printer. The "Ink" button has a small icon picture of a "tear drop" above or below -- depending on the model Epson printer that you own. Wait for the ink cartridge tray to slide to the left and stop in the middle of the compartment opening. Do not press the "Ink" button more than three seconds or the cartridge tray will not move and the printer will initiate the cartridge cleaning process.

Use your thumb and index or middle finger to depress the tabs on the ink cartridge you want to remove. Lift the ink cartridge straight up and out of the cartridge tray. Set the empty cartridge aside. Some Epson print cartridges have only one tab on the upper back edge of the cartridge. Other cartridges have tabs at both the front and back edges.

Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging and align in the same compartment from which you removed the empty one. Push the cartridge straight down into the slot of the cartridge tray until it snaps into place. To avoid damaging the cartridge tray, do not push too hard when inserting the new ink cartridge.

Close the printer cover and press the "Ink" button. Wait for the Epson printer to charge and initialise the new ink cartridge. The "Ink" and "Power" button lights blink during the charging process and stop when the printer is ready for use. Once the lights stop flashing, you can use the Epson printer as you normally would.

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