How to Remove Background Noise in Pinnacle 12

Background noise in your movie can take attention away from the dialogue and dampen the professionalism that went into the production. And though microphone wind filters can reduce or eliminate background noise, they aren't impervious to all noise.

But if your video project was constructed in Pinnacle Studio 12, you can use the utility's "Noise Reduction" filter to eliminate the background noise in your project's audio track.

Launch Pinnacle 12. Load your project -- click on the "File" heading, and then select "Open Project."

Switch to "Timeline" view -- click on the "Timeline View" button, located at the top of the bottom window.

Click on the audio clip in the timeline that you'd like to modify. Click on the "Audio Effects" icon in the toolbox at the top of the program. Click on the "Add New Effect" button.

Select the "Noise Reduction" option when the "Add Audio Effect" menu appears. The Noise Reduction menu will appear.

Select a noise suppression profile from the "Presets" box in the "Noise Reduction" menu. Or, you can adjust the noise suppression manually with the filter's sliders.

Drag the "Noise reduction" slider to the right to increase the amount of filtration that will be applied to the audio clip -- drag it to the left to decrease filtration. Use the "Fine tuning" slider to adjust the amount of smoothing that will be applied to the clip -- drag this slider to the left to decrease fine tuning or to the right to increase it.

Check the "Auto adapt" box to set the noise reduction filter to adapt to changes in the noise level. Check the "Remove wind" box to eliminate wind noise.

Click "OK" to exit the menu. Press the "Play" button in Pinnacle's preview window to review the effect. To readjust the noise reduction filter, return to the Audio Effects menu. Click on the "Noise Reduction" option to relaunch the noise reduction filter.