How to Record From HDMI

HDMI (high definition media interface) is a digital data protocol for transferring audio and video signals between devices through a single cable. HDMI carries a high-definition video signal and as many as eight separate channels of digital audio for multi-speaker surround-sound through a receiver. Recording from HDMI involves connecting a device with an HDMI socket to capture the high-definition signals. For example, you can hook up a DVR (digital video recorder) to a cable or satellite television receiver with an HDMI cable. The advantage is that you only need one simple cable connection to start recording.

Switch off both high-definition devices before hooking them up with the cable.

Plug in one end of the HDMI cable to the output jack on the back of the source device, such as a satellite receiver. Connect the other end to the recording or input jack on the rear of the recorder device, such as a DVR. The jacks are typically labelled "HDMI."

Turn on the power for both components.

Set the recording device to the signal you wish to record. In this example, enter the channel for the program you want to record from HDMI into the recording device, such as a DVR, using the keypad on the front panel or the remote control.

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