How to cover glass on doors Images

Glass doors often look great and bring in a lot of light, but they also can make people feel exposed. There are several ways to cover glass doors. Select the method that best suits the architecture of the home, the era of the home and the privacy needs of the homeowner and family.

Most fixes are inexpensive and easy to do.

Clean the glass window on the door using a glass cleaner and coffee filters. Coffee filters are used because they do not leave lint. Cut window film to fit the window using a breakaway knife. Mix a few drops of no-tears, baby shampoo in a spritzer bottle with distilled water. Spray the mixture on the window. Position the film on the window and scrape with a rubber squeegee to remove the moisture. Films are available in many colours and textures. You can peel the film off easily.

Tape plastic sheeting around the clean window with painter's tape. Shake a glass-frosting mixture in a spray can. Spray the frosting onto the windows to allow light to enter the home but to prevent a clear view. Hold the can an even distance from the window and move in smooth side-to-side motions to create an even coat.

Purchase a window blind designed to fit doors. Install the window blind brackets directly on the door using wood or metal screws to match your door material. Screw the brackets 1 inch above and to each side of the window. If the mullions of the window protrude, add blocking between the bracket and the door so that the bracket is level with the inside surface. Attach hold-down brackets at the bottom of the blind after sliding the blind into the header. This will hold the blind against the door when it is opened or closed.

Hang double pocket curtains on the door. Mount the brackets to fit the length of the curtain. The brackets should be 1 inch above and to each side of the window. Use wood or metal screws, depending on your door material. Slide the curtain rods into the top and bottom pockets of the curtain and insert the rods into the curtain rod brackets. Often this type of curtain is sheer with a tie near the centre.