How to Get EPA Certification

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Companies must have certification under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before engaging in lead-based paint activities such as abatement, risk assessment or inspection while renovating facilities. Lead-based paint activities involve dust sampling to ensure workers are protected from lead contaminants. A company may also apply for EPA re-certification before the renovation or repair process. The EPA certification does not apply in every area, so you must file an application directly with the state where the work will take place. (Reference 1, page 5, paragraph 1)

File for EPA certification regarding lead-based paint activities. Choose what type of application you are filing. Conditions for the filings will involve "repair, renovation and painting"; or "abatement, inspection, or risk assessment." Decide on either an initial certification, re-certification, combined certification or combined re-certification. You can also decide to add jurisdictions to certifications, which is the number of places where you will conduct the lead-based paint activities.

Place a check mark in the box indicating if you wish your company to be listed on the EPA's website concerning certification. Choose the box that most applies to your company: for evaluation, for lead abatement or for renovation. Write in the first EPA-run jurisdiction and the amount of pay base certification fee. Attach additional sheets if your activities will involve more jurisdictions. Write in the fees for the additional jurisdictions, which is £22 per jurisdiction. Place in the fee for certification for renovations. Add all the fees together and write down the total amount.

Include the applicant information. Check the appropriate box if you are a federally recognised Indian tribe who seeks certification as a company. Place in the company name, the company's address and the mailing address if it is different from the company address. You also need the full name of the attesting individual who is witnessing that all information you include on the application is accurate, their phone number and extension, and the attesting person's e-mail address.

Answer the remaining questions on the application. If your company has current permits or registrations in the lead-based paint field, include information such as type of certification, the state, the certification-identification number and the date you received the certification. Explain whether your company has ever received any past, present or pending EPA violations concerning lead-based paint activities.

Write in your company's name and the attesting individual's name in the certificate statement. Have the attesting individual sign and date the application confirming that all information is true and accurate. Print or make copies of the application for your records before sending out the application with the certification fees.

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