How Can I Make My Own Textured Paint?

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Textured paint produces interesting aesthetic effects on indoor walls and ceilings. Textured paint hides blemishes and imperfections on walls and ceilings as well. Making your own textured paint is a easy procedure that simply requires selecting a textured medium, and adding it to the paint.

It is less expensive than buying pre-made textured paint, and adding your own texture gives you more control about the size and type of texture used in the paint.

Choose a coloured latex paint for the project. Adding a textured medium to the paint may lighten the paint. Select a slightly darker shade of paint after determining the colour for the project.

Select a textured medium to add to the paint. Various texture mediums are available such as pre-mixed drywall mud, spackling compound and sand. You can also make your own textured medium by grinding styrofoam into small particles.

Add the textured medium to the paint. Pour one cup of the textured medium through a sieve into a five gallon container of paint. The sieve keeps out unwanted lumps. Mix the paint and texture together with a wood stirring stick. Test the paint on a sample area of the wall. Apply the paint with a roller and allow it to dry.

Add more textured medium to the paint as needed in one cup or half cup measurements. Write down the amount of textured medium used on a piece of paper. Once you find the appropriate combination of paint and textured medium, you will be able to duplicate the formula.