Roundup Pro Biactive Instructions

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Roundup Pro Biactive is a nonselective herbicide manufactured by the Monsanto company. The main ingredient in the product is glyphosate, but the herbicide contains other patented ingredients that bind the herbicide to plant and weed surfaces. The result is a long-lasting herbicide that remains on weeds even after repeated rainfalls. Applying Roundup Pro Biactive can be done with traditional sprayers as long as the proper dosage is used.

Wait until weeds are actively growing before you apply Roundup Pro Biactive. The product label recommends the following application times. Perennial grasses should have four to five leaves that are 10 to 15cm long. Perennial broadleaved weeds should have flowers. Annual grasses should have at least one leaf. Annual broadleaved weeds should have two or more leaves.

Fill a garden sprayer or back sprayer with 100ml of Roundup Pro Biactive and 1 gallon of water. Screw the top onto the sprayer and shake it gently to mix the solution.

Point the nozzle of the sprayer at the undesired weeds, and spray them with the Roundup Pro Biactive solution until they are soaked. Aim the sprayer only at the weeds, since the herbicide will kill desirable vegetation as well.

Wait two to three weeks and then examine the weeds to ensure they are yellowing or have brown spots. If the weeds remain green and thriving, reapply the same amount of Roundup Pro Biactive.

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