How to make thong panties

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Making thong panties is a relatively easy project for most crafters. They require small amounts of fabric and are quickly assembled. Sewing thongs can be a way to "upcycle" clothing; if you use old T-shirts you may be able to get a few pairs of panties out of one garment. Additionally, making thongs can ensure excellent fit and comfort, something that is often missing from commercially made underwear.

Develop a pattern. Patterns for thong panties can be bought, however it is just as simple to use an existing pair of panties to make a pattern. Find your most comfortable pair of panties and fold them in half vertically. Place the underwear on a white sheet of paper and trace the front, making notes as to where the crotch and hip seams are. Repeat the tracing for the back of the thong.

Cut out the pattern and pin it to the fabric. To minimise seams, place the pattern pieces on a fold of the fabric. Cut the fabric carefully, allowing for approximately a 6 mm (1/4 inch) for attaching the elastic at the waist and leg openings.

Assemble the panties. Sew the crotch seam first, using a zigzag stitch for elasticity. Sew the hip seams and try on the thong for fit. Adjust the fit at the seams as needed.

Sew the elastic to the right side of the panties at the waist using a zigzag stitch. Pull the elastic gently as you sew to allow for stretch. Turn the elastic to the inside of the panties and sew again to give the thong's edges a finished appearance. Repeat for the leg openings.

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