Instructions for Tomy's Big Loader

The Thomas Big Loader, developed by Tomy, is part of the popular Thomas the Train family of toys. The Big Loader features a loading dock and other toys that are designed to transfer Thomas and his other friends. The Big Loader comes with a variety of different parts that form the towers of the loaders. In addition, there are lots of different train tracks that will need to be connected.

Check all contents. Included pieces are listed in the "Things You'll Need Section."

Join the ramp track to the hopper. The ramp track is a small track that curves and forms a half circle. It contains a flat platform in the middle with slits. The hopper is a tower. Insert the feet of the hopper into the slits on the ramp track.

Push the loader gate and loading trough into the loading gate. The loading gate is a small piece of track that closes in on itself. Part of the track contains two posts.

Insert the feet of the plug delivery chute into the short track and loading gate. The short track has a square plug at the end of it that matches one of the feet on the plug delivery chute. The front feet on the plug delivery chute can fit into the small square plug on the front end of the loading gate.

Set the Thomas and Percy rail cars on the transfer ramp. The transfer ramp contains two spaces that can hold each train; each space is labelled with the rail car's name.

Place the Terence tractor on the loading dock. Push the tractor's pins, situated underneath it, into the slots provided on the right of the loading dock. The scooper on the tractor also has a pin that needs to be pushed into the appropriate slot on the loading dock.

Place the loading dock in the top left corner. Arrange the plug delivery chute in the top right corner. Set the transfer ramp in the middle of the side across from the loading dock and plug delivery chute.

Line up the rest of track following the track's layout. The track makes a large square shape with curved corners. Place the curved tracks along three of the edges of the square; the fourth corner is occupied by the loading dock. Insert the portion of the track that contains the power switch into Percy's end of the transfer ramp. Connect one straight track to the other end of that track. Connect a second straight track to the end of the first straight track. Fit the second short track into the plug delivery chute. The plug delivery chute was already connected to the loading gate in Step 4. Continue to arrange two additional straight tracks and another curved track behind the loading gate until you reach the Thomas side of the transfer ramp.

Remove the battery cover from the motorised chassis. Place one AA battery in it and replace the cover.

Place the chassis on the track behind Thomas the Train. The arrow on the chassis should be pointing to the back of Thomas.

Turn the power switch on.

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