How do I Repair a Ryobi Miter Saw TS-251U?

The electric motors of Ryobi's TS-series mitre saws use brushes that will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Other performance issues with a Ryobi saw can be related to jarring while moving and general wear. These problems can often be repaired by performing adjustments to the bevel pivot and laser guide.

To inspect the brush assemblies, unplug the saw and remove the brush cap with a screwdriver. The spring-loaded brush assembly will fall out.

Check the brush assemblies for wear and replace them if either has less than ΒΌ-inch of carbon left. Replace both assemblies with the curvature of the brush matching the curvature of the motor. Make sure the brush can move in the tube, and replace the cap. Tighten, but do not over-tighten.

Adjust the bevel pivot if you hear a grating sound when the bevel lock lever is unlocked. Unplug the saw, turn the bevel hex nut with the blade wrench, and loosen the bevel. Then try the saw again.

To align the laser guide, plug the saw in and make a test cut to score the wood. If the laser isn't on the left edge of the kerf, adjust per the next step.

Release the switch and let the blade stop rotating. Raise the saw arm and lock the switch with a padlock through the hole in the switch. Then loosen the screw underneath the laser with the included hex key tool so that the laser is on the correct side of the kerf. Adjust the screw right next to the laser with the hex key tool if you continue to have problems aligning. Tighten both screws with the tool.

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