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How to Adjust the Motorcycle Foot Peg for the Honda Rebel 250

Updated July 20, 2017

The Honda Rebel's foot pegs are not adjustable. One solution for this is to install an adjustable offset adaptor, then install the foot pegs onto this adaptor. Another solution is to replace them with foot pegs that have the offset built into them. There are many adaptors and foot pegs available from third-party manufacturers.

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  1. Remove the current foot pegs. Squeeze together the two bent tines of the cottar pin at the bottom of the foot peg pivot point, and pull it out. Push the rivet up and out. Note where the washers go and how the spring attaches so you can reinstall them.

  2. Install your new offset foot pegs or an offset adaptor. See the instructions that came with the pegs or adaptor, but typically it's just a matter of reversing step 1. If you installed foot pegs go to step 5. If you installed an adaptor, continue to step 3.

  3. Adjust the adaptor to the position you want the foot pegs in. Most adaptors allow adjustment in 360 degrees by the amount of the offset. See your adaptors instructions for how to adjust them, but usually only one bolt is involved; loosen the bolt, adjust the adaptor and re-tighten the bolt.

  4. Attach the foot pegs to the adaptor following the adaptor's instructions.

  5. Move the gear shifter for the new foot peg position, if necessary. Remove its bolt. Pull it off the grooved shaft. Reposition it, then push it back onto the grooved shaft. Replace it's bolt.

  6. Move the brake pedal for use with your new foot peg position, if necessary. Find the brake height adjuster about an inch behind the right side foot peg pivot point. Move the brake pedal up or down to your preference.

  7. Adjust the brake pedal free play. There should be about one inch of free play before braking begins. At the end of the brake rod is an adjuster nut. Turning it clockwise decreases free play; turning the adjust nut counterclockwise increases free play.

  8. Check the brake light switch, if you adjusted the brake position. The brake light should activate just before pedal free play ends and braking begins. Turn the adjusting nuts on the switch to change it. The switch is on the right side, below the battery.

  9. Adjusting the passenger's foot pegs is the same procedure, except, of course, you do not adjust the gear lever or brake afterward.

  10. Warning

    Double check to make sure your new foot pegs or adaptor are secured properly. If a foot peg were to fall off while riding at speed, your foot could hit the ground, possibly harming your foot or causing an accident.

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