How to Attach Wire Mesh to Block Walls

Block walls are an ideal place to grow climbing plants. The plants will help conceal the wall and add beauty to your outdoor living space. In order for plants to grow along a block wall, you will need to install wire mesh. Installing wire mesh along a block wall may appear to be difficult. However, if you use the correct tools and fasteners, it is a project that any homeowner can do to add garden space and beautify her outdoor surroundings.

Position the wire mesh panel onto the block wall in the location where you want to attach it.

Mark the perimeter of the wire mesh panel by marking around it with a wax pencil.

Drill 1 1/2-inch deep holes 2-inches in from the marked outline of the mesh panel around the entire perimeter every 4 to 6 inches. Use a hammer drill equipped with a 3/16-inch carbide tipped bit.

Place the wire mesh panel onto the wall in desired location. Slide fender washers over the concrete screws.

Drive the screws equipped with fender washers through the wire mesh into the drilled holes in the concrete to fasten it to the block wall using a screw gun.

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