How to Clean a Macerator

A macerator is an attachment for toilets that reduces solid waste to liquid waste, and pumps it out of the bathroom. Macerators are common in bathrooms where the solid waste line is on the other side of the house, and you cannot use gravity to remove the waste. Homeowners can clean their macerators whenever they clean their toilets.

Turn off the power to the macerator. Lift the toilet lid, and pour in 1/3 bottle of household disinfectant or bleach.

Flush the toilet. The disinfectant will move from the toilet pan to the macerator, where it will remain as long as the power is off. Leave the macerator off to soak in disinfectant for 2 hours.

Turn the power back on to the macerator. It will churn the water in the unit, then pump it out, disinfecting the lines. Repeat this as the last step of your regular toilet cleaning routine.

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