How to Clean a Convertible Top With a Pressure Washer

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No matter whether your convertible top is usually rolled back or always covering your vehicle, it's sure to pick up a fair amount of dirt and debris. Bugs, bird droppings and general road grime can form in caked-on layers, ruining the look of your top's fabric. Instead of scrubbing down each inch of the cover by hand, use a pressure washer to complete the task quickly and easily.

Attach the pressure washer's tank to a standard outside water valve. Most washers connect directly to the valve used for garden hoses. If not, an adaptor is usually provided with the equipment.

Screw the hose and nozzle attachment onto the pressure washer tank. If desired, pour a mild cleaning solution into the tank.

Switch on the pressure washer using the controls on the tank. Pull the trigger of the nozzle to fire several test blasts. For use on your convertible top, begin with low pressure bursts. Increase pressure as needed.

Stand 3-4 feet from the vehicle, hold the nozzle at a 25 degree angle to your convertible's top and begin cleaning in small sections. Avoid spraying directly at the top because the pressure can puncture the fabric.

Continue spraying until the entire top has been cleaned. Remove any tough debris with a soft-bristled scrub brush.

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