How to seal a water leak in copper piping

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Copper piping is frequently found in the walls of your house, and is used to transfer water to and from the water fixtures throughout the house. Copper pipes are designed to last for many years before requiring replacement, however, if the pipes freeze or a bad pipe was installed, a pipe could develop a leak.

When a leak is detected, it is important to repair the leak as quickly as possible, to avoid severe water damage to your home.

Turn off the main water line to your house using the main water valve. The valve is typically located on the side of the outside of your house, and is connected to a pipe running into the wall.

Cut the broken section of the pipe off of the pipe using pipe cutters.

Clean the inside of both ends of the pipe using a wire fitting brush and clean the outside with a plumber's sand cloth.

Slide the sleeve over one end of the pipe and then side it onto the other pipe. Ensure that at least 1/2-inch of each pipe is covered by the sleeve.

Light the torch following the torch manufacturer's instructions and then heat one side of the new joint. Place the solder on the joint on the opposite side of the heat and then remove it when the solder melts. Turn off the torch and run the solder around the entire joint to seal. Repeat for the other joint.

Turn the main water valve back to the "On" position.