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How to Change the Oil in a Honda Model 194 Lawnmower

Updated April 17, 2017

Changing the oil in your Honda 194 lawnmower is essential to its upkeep, as old engine oil becomes hard and doesn't lubricate the engine. When metal parts inside an engine move without lubrication, they begin to grind against each other, which can destroy the lawnmower. Honda recommends changing the oil in this lawnmower every six months or after 100 hours of use. The task isn't difficult and maintaining the oil change schedule will help the lawnmower last longer and perform well over the years.

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  1. Start the lawnmower and let it run for about two or three minutes, just to warm the engine oil, and then turn it off. The oil will come out faster and more completely when it's warm.

  2. Remove the oil filler cap on the left side of the lawnmower.

  3. Place a plastic oil pan under the bottom of the oil filler tube to prepare for oil removal.

  4. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the drain bolt at the bottom of the oil filler tube. Once the bolt is removed, the oil will run out of the oil compartment and into the oil pan.

  5. Tilt the lawnmower to ensure that the oil completely drains from the oil compartment.

  6. Replace the drain bolt.

  7. Place a funnel into the top of the oil filler tube.

  8. Pour small engine oil into the oil filler tube until it reaches the "Upper Level" mark inside the tube.

  9. Remove the funnel, wipe the oil off with a shop towel and replace the oil filler cap.

  10. Dispose of the used oil. Some recycling centres and automotive parts stores will take used oil for free.

  11. Run the lawnmower for a few minutes to allow the oil to be distributed throughout the engine. Now the oil change is complete.

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Things You'll Need

  • Quart of small engine oil
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Plastic oil pan
  • Heavy-duty shop towels
  • Funnel

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