How to Turn on an Electric Stove Top Burner

Hemera Technologies/ Images

A electric hob is quite easy to use. The top of the stove has a series of electric powered burners, usually about four or five. You can place your pots or pans on top of these burners and turn them on to cook your food. One great thing about electric hobs is that it's easy to conserve energy.

Turning off your burner about five minutes before the food is done cooking, for example, is an excellent way to start. The burner will stay plenty hot while the cooking process is completed. However, your first step is turning on the electric hob burner.

Place your pan or pot over the appropriately sized burner. You will be wasting energy once you turn on the electric hob burner if you place a small pan on a large burner, for example.

Find the knob that controls the electric hob burner that you want to turn on. it will be located on the same side of the stove and usually labelled "front" or "back."

Push in the knob for the electric hob burner slightly. You will likely not be able to turn it on until you push it in.

Turn the burner to the right. The indicator light on your electric hob should turn on, which tells you a burner has been turned on. Continue to turn the knob until you reach the heat level you want.