How to Make the Perfect Ferret Cage

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Large commercial ferret cages can cost hundreds of dollars in a pet store. Build your own perfect ferret cage at home to save money and customise it however you wish. Make sure the cage is large enough and secured so it's impossible for the ferret to escape. Ferrets love wandering around and exploring so provide lots of room and things for them to do. A well-designed cage gives your ferret plenty of room to be safe and stay happy for a lifetime.

Use corrugated plastic as the floor of your ferret cage. Plastic is cheap. It can be cut with scissors, and it can be moulded to most shapes. The floor needs to be at least 3 feet long, 2 feet high and 2 feet wide to give adequate space.

Add a pad like those used in dog kennels to make a perfect soft floor for the ferret to walk on. Pads are comfortable, cheap and easy to clean. Towels and old jeans are other quality additions.

Connect a wire cage with at least two levels. Wire ties and bulldog clips, purchased from your local office supply store, can be used to secure the walls together. The wire helps provide air flow and prevents bacteria build-up. The flooring of each level needs to be solid and flat. Don't leave any weak spots or holes big enough for the ferret to escape.

Use solid plastic ramps or tubing to connect the different levels together. Don't have any openings in floors higher than 1 foot. Ferrets could fall and hurt themselves.

Create a door for the ferret cage by leaving one of the ground floor walls partially open. Two clips or hooks can be used to keep the door closed. If you cut a hole to create a door, be careful to get rid of any sharp edges with tape. A premade ferret door is another option.

Attach multiple pet water bottles to the sides of the cage with clips. This ensures that the ferret won't run out of water if one bottle goes empty.

Hang multiple ferret hammocks from the top of the cage. Ferrets love to sleep and play in hammocks. Having more than one hammock lets the ferret sleep in different places.

Populate the ferret cage with additional accessories. Place a small litter box on each level. Put a food bowl in a corner on the ground floor, away from the litter box. Other ferret safe toys can be purchased from a pet store. Cheap tubing can be thrown in for the ferrets to play with.

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