How Do I Get a Water Bubble Out of Laminate Flooring?

A laminate floor consists of a series of interlocking floorboards. You can get a water bubble out of a section of the laminate floor by removing the section and inserting a replacement floorboard in its place. You need a laminate board that is the same colour, texture and dimensions as the damaged board. If you kept some boards when you did your flooring project, you can use one of those. Otherwise, you can buy laminate flooring at a hardware store or home improvement centre. A few household tools round out the requirements.

Insert the tip of a flat-edged screwdriver between the moulding and the wall directly across from the floorboard that has the water bubble. Lift the tip toward you to loosen the moulding. Repeat this procedure around the edges of the moulding. Pull the moulding off from the wall carefully.

Lift the edge of the laminate floorboard that is closest to where you just removed the moulding. Pull the floorboard away from the floorboard it butts up against. Repeat this procedure with each floorboard until you come to the floorboard that has the water bubble.

Remove the floorboard that has the water bubble in the same manner as the rest of the floorboards you just removed. Dispose of the damaged floorboard properly.

Slide the slotted side of replacement floorboard into the grooved side of the floorboard so that it interlocks. Repeat this procedure with the other floorboards that you removed. Smooth the floorboards down with your hand.

Apply adhesive cement to the back of the moulding. Place the moulding back onto the wall. Hold the moulding against the wall for two minutes so that the adhesive can take hold. Spray the surface of the laminate flooring on and around the area where you replaced the floorboard with laminate floor cleaning spray. Wipe the floorboards with a soft cloth.

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