How to Paint EPP Foam

EPP foam is a type of material often used in hobby vehicles such as model aeroplanes or RC cars. Typically, the foam comes in plain white and has very little aesthetic appeal. Because of this, many hobbyists prefer to paint their EPP foam models to give them a little more personality and attractiveness. Painting EPP foam is simple, as it will readily bond with ordinary spray paint readily.

Clean off any dust or dirt from your EPP foam prior to painting, as dirt or particulates can cause noticeable imperfections in the paint if they are present during application.

Use newspaper and tape to cover up any bits of the foam you do not want to paint.

Hold the spray paint about 10 inches away from the foam.

Apply the spray paint to the foam. Use a back-and-forth motion as you spray and keep the nozzle moving so that the paint doesn't have the chance to pool up in one specific spot. Apply only a thin first coat.

Wait for the first coat of paint to dry -- it typically takes about an hour -- then apply a second coat of paint over the first to achieve uniform texture and colour. Wait for the second coat to dry, then apply a third coat if necessary.

Wait for the last coat of paint to dry, then remove the newspaper and tape. Repeat these steps as necessary until you have achieved the design you were going for on your foam.

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